Industries We Support

  • Accounting

    Technospecs has strong experience in offering the IT infrastructure support to the accounting industries. The various tools that accounting companies use like Quickbooks, Freshbooks and Sage 50 Accounting are being supported by Technospecs.

  • Education

    Technospecs has excellent record in providing the IT infrastructure to the schools and colleges that demand high end security for their Internet access being shared among the students and faculty.

  • Employment

    The employment agencies that require great IT infrastructure support for functioning their online operations and optimized computers and servers for better productivity should contact Technospecs for the IT infrastructure support.

  • Food & Beverage

    The various food and beverage industries which need their POS and computers to remain better functioning and operate fast should take IT infrastructure support from Technospecs.

  • Health

    The health industries which require strong backup for their data as per the HIPAA should contact Technospecs for knowing more about the IT infrastructure support services.

Top Challenges in IT Infrastructure Management

To be an excellent business needs IT run smooth and with zero downtime. Following are the top challenges that many organizations face to run their IT better.

  • Inadequate Knowledge: If you aren’t directly associated to the IT industry, it is very likely that you don’t possess the knowledge needed for keeping your IT infrastructure run efficiently.
  • Insufficient Staff: Having small IT staff can also be another challenge for many small to mid-sized businesses in keeping the IT infrastructure run optimized and without a downtime.
  • Expense Planning: Many organizations also have seen their expense planning play a major challenge in implementing an in-house IT infrastructure management team for running an efficient IT for their business.
  • IT Staffing: The staffing related challenge in doing the IT recruitment can also sometime push the organizations back and can result as delayed or halted progress in doing the IT infrastructure management.
  • Too Busy: Having to run your business and not being able to get the time out of your daily tasks can also be another challenge resulting to the improper IT infrastructure management for your business.

IT Infrastructure Solutions from Technospecs

Technospecs has helped many organizations in simplifying their IT infrastructure management requirements and drawing for them the solutions that fits to their budget and needs.

Easy Plans: Technospecs has developed easy to understand IT infrastructure management plans which are designed just to address the areas your existing IT infrastructure lacking in.

Technology Aware: Technospecs loves the IT and keeping itself up-to-date to the technologies. Our engineers undergo regular knowledge enhancement sessions to keeping themselves technology savvy.

Affordable Charges: Technospecs understands that the costing plays a major role in IT outsourcing. For this reason, the costs we have in place for offering IT infrastructure for our clients doesn’t effect much on your budget.

Secured Access: Technospecs has invested a lot in implementing the security in doing the IT infrastructure management support for its clients. The remote tools we use have been rated among the most secured tools available for remote IT support.

Anytime Access: Technospecs has the backend team available 24x7 for offering the quality remote support for its clients. This allows our clients to not having to spare their computers during the daytime for fixing any issue that can be addressed during night time.