What we do

We are a complete IT outsourcing provider, helping the organizations run their IT worry-free

Our work spans the complete IT care starting with promoting the web presence for the businesses to help them run their IT efficiently. We empower our clients to focus on their IT requirements for their business by offering them the quality backend IT support.

Based on our experience in working with hundreds of organizations since 2010, we have encouraged our clients to be their genuine “best selves”. Our approach towards providing them the IT support has taken considerable load off their shoulders with our backend support. This not only has helped them expand and run their business positively, it also has helped us learn more from every experience we had with variety of tasks that they assign to us.

You can find out more about our areas of focus below. We have always been very open and flexible towards customizing our services for our clients. These tailored solutions from Technospecs are made to meet specific organization’s needs and often include various mixed services sections.

What are our strengths?

Our strengths are not just the things we do well, but the things that we also enjoy. We have in our team the finest staff that makes our service delivery very positive and power boosted. The entire service cycle is managed and monitored well throughout the stages and this helps to deliver the project on time.


    We help organization create a website that works great.

We are a strong web designing & development unit with experience in working on tons of websites both static and dynamic. Our team has experience in Responsive website designing, CSS, HTML, PHP including the CMS like Drupal, Joomla and Magento including the opensource CMS Wordpress. The website designed and developed are taken through various rounds of tests and checks before bringing it live.

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Helping businesses setup their websites


    We help organizations remain 100% uptime.

IT infrastructure comes very important for the business where the internal business processes are run digitally. There are number of examples that can be considered in making sure that the IT infrastructure is properly set for running the business. Technospecs has been a qualified partner for handling the IT infrastructure management services for the businesses with help of our vast experience and seamless knowledge in handling the small to mid-sized IT infrastructure remotely. Technospecs being Microsoft gold partner and VMWare partner has delivered hundreds of IT deployments over cloud and on-premises.

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    You don’t want to invest in hiring full time IT resource.

There have been number of challenges in hiring a full-time resource for IT management particularly for small businesses. The solution we offer for managing your complete IT comes to rescue. We offer both on-premises and remote services for handling your entire IT management with peace of mind support for your business. All you require is to buy the IT equipment and we set everything up for you.

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    We help organizations shine on Internet.

Once the website is fully designed and developed, it requires to be setup correctly for proper listing and ranking on the Internet. The better the ranking and listing on various search engines, social networking sites and blogs, the better would the results be. Our professionals help your business website receive traffic that it is meant for and hence increase the potential of your website on Internet.

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  • Residential IT Support

    You don’t need to worry about the home computer or IT equipment maintenance.

Technospecs takes care of complete residential IT support for home users including the Microsoft patch management, software genuine check, cleanup for the hard drives, defragmentation of the fixed drives, Anti-virus, Anti-malware and third-party application update. Technospecs has pool of certified technicians for providing the support to the residential IT users.

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